Urban Queens: Kirigo & Wambui

I know these two humans from my Life Group – LG, for short. (LG is essentially a small band of people with whom you regularly meet to share life with – highlights, low points, the mundane bits… All of that. A second family, as it were.)

I mentioned during one of our LG meet-ups that I’m getting very deliberate and concerted with my photography – and immediately, Bobo pipes up: “By the way, SOMEONE owes me a photo shoot!” (I even wondered why the need for such violent language. So much violence, Bobo. Why, friend. Why.) “Sawa,” said I. “Let’s lock down a date.” And so a date was set. With Kirigo gently persuaded to join in.

A vision in urban royalty, these two, wouldn’t you say? And if you know them well enough, then you know they have the personalities to match. 

By the way: I can’t be the only one trying to figure out what they were talking about up here! Because this looks like a soul-filling serving of tea, and then some! 

That aside, I think they’re ready for a billboard of their own.

I’ve been diving into Lightroom a lot deeper than my first go at photography years ago, exploring all the magical treasures in that powerhouse app.

My current fun point? Tone Curve.

Created a “Safaricom edit” of the same photo. I like it.

I want to turn this into a thing. A series. “Urban Queens.”

What exactly would that look like? I have no idea. I want to take as many photos of women (and later, men) in the urban African context. Kenya first, then elsewhere.

That should be quite interesting.

Yes, you can book yourself a moment. Or for a loved one. Or for you and a loved one. Be it personal portrait, friendship portrait, couple/family portrait; or an event you have coming up – wedding, music, private family function… You get the idea. As long as there are stories to tell, I’m good at freezing those moments in time. 

It’s simple: Just drop me a line on stillsbymarcus@gmail.com, and we’ll chat.

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