When two become one…

Here’s the thing: I really really enjoy shooting weddings.

(Click image to view in gallery mode. Swipe left/right for more. Click the “X” to exit gallery mode.)

Let me start from the beginning.

Remember Wambui? The Wambui from the “Urban Queens” series I’m doing? The Wambui I told you is ready for a billboard of her own, with my other friend Kirigo?

Well, Wambui is a brilliant event and wedding planner, and she runs a company called Ariella Events.

I could continue to talk about how she delivers stunning decor and events… Or I could show you something she did not too long ago.

Look at that. (Click image to view in gallery mode.)

So because Wambui’s reputation often precedes her, I said this to her at some point: “I want to work with you. I want to shoot one of the weddings you put together.”

And so it passed. A special day in which I captured some of the bits that bring alive one of those magical moments in life.

(Click image to view in gallery mode.)

Witnessing the joy on the couple’s faces throughout the afternoon? Priceless.

Yes, you can book yourself a moment. Or for a loved one. Or for you and a loved one. Be it personal portrait, friendship portrait, couple/family portrait; or an event you have coming up – wedding, music, private family function… You get the idea. As long as there are stories to tell, I’m good at freezing those moments in time. 

It’s simple: Just drop me a line on stillsbymarcus@gmail.com, and we’ll chat.

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