Octobenga 2018: Accelerata Launch

This gentleman called Dan Aceda is a class act.

It’s said that one of his titles, “the Crown Prince of Benga”, is one that was given to his by a writer of a certain Kenyan newspaper, as a sarcastic jab.

Dan, on the other hand, upon seeing the title, thought to himself, “You know what? I’ll make this my thing!” The rest is history.

Few performers in Kenya possess the storytelling abilities this man embodies. He takes you on a journey with him. He doesn’t just sing songs – oh no. By the time you leave any one of his performances, you feel like you’ve been transported to a whole new world and back.

If you missed it, oh boy, you missed out. 
If you were there, may the Benga continue to be with you. 

Yes, you can book yourself a moment. Or for a loved one. Or for you and a loved one. Be it personal portrait, friendship portrait, couple/family portrait; or an event you have coming up – wedding, music, private family function… You get the idea. As long as there are stories to tell, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a storyteller as good.

It’s simple: Just drop me a line on stillsbymarcus@gmail.com, and we’ll chat.

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